Where Have I Been?

I am exhausted, overweight, and in so much pain I can’t see straight (that last part might be because of my rising blood pressure tho).

I haven’t written anything on this blog in months. This was supposed to be the place where I would air my brain out and let it roam free with fanciful tales, and fun like thoughts about my daily, whatever.  Instead, it has been dead for awhile now, for that I apologize. I have yet to master the art of time management, and with my short term memory loss, it’s almost impossible to do anything unless I write it down.

I need to buy a planner. If I can remember too.

I started two new podcasts. One where I review books called The Black Bibliophile and another where I just talk about random stuff called Babbling Into The Void. I’ll leave links on the site. Both are really fun to do I just need to come up with a better schedule cause this week I fucked up and forgot to record.

I really should go get that damn planner.

So I am writing now. In about a week I’ll be going to San Diego Comic-Con and will be participating in two panels. One, I co-created and the other I was invited to a part of. It’s pretty exciting because just a year ago I was attending this con as a fan and now I am going as a professional. Not only will I be on panels but I will be covering SDCC for Women Write About Comics too. It’s going to be really hectic. Not to mention making sure the shop is set up before we go. But I am also very excited.

Speaking of the shop, Visionary Comics is doing well. We are business-ing as usual and trying to plan more events. It’s hard when it’s just the two of us. Nestor has the full-time job and I am chronically Ill so most of the time I feel like crap. So we are pushing through to try and make the shop more successful. We have some things coming up we are really excited about. They are building this retail store front right in front of our business. So that sucks, we wanted to move but Realtors in Riverside are difficult. So now with this new towering building looming over us, it’s a constant reminder that we really need to find a new home for the store.

I think I will try and put up a new blog piece to this site once a week. So look out for that. I might even throw something new up here this week just for shits and gigs. Okay, I should go I have spent way too much time as it is on this site when I should really be doing more store stuff.






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